To get the most out of Facebook, you need a dedicated community. Too few subscribers mean that almost no one will see your content: your brand will suffer from low awareness, and your return on investment will be less. Therefore, it is important to strive to get followers on Facebook.

Social media presence is not limited to the number of likes or comments on Facebook, because it is necessary to analyze the quality of these interactions. You need to attract the right audience and attract them in a way that matches your goals, as not all subscribers are worth each other, buying likes for facebook page.

Getting good results on Facebook to have more followers involves understanding how this social network works. You need to find specific methods that will improve your page and ultimately attract more followers on Facebook.

Attracting likes and followers to a Facebook group

Today I want to share some tried and true tactics that have helped to gain followers and increase the number of likes on Facebook.

How to get followers on Facebook
From advertising to influencer marketing, there are several ways to get more followers on Facebook. Here are 5 ways that really work:

Run ads on Facebook
If you’re trying to figure out how to get followers on Facebook, the most obvious solution is advertising.

You can run «Engagement» ads that will help you increase your brand awareness on Facebook. Although, to be honest, any ad you create will most likely lead to an increase in the number of subscribers, even ads with a «conversion».

If Facebook users like the advertising content, they will probably interact with the post and possibly like or subscribe to your page.

If your main goal is to increase sales, you can run conversion ads and increase the number of likes on your page.

Invite people to like your page
The easiest way to increase your Facebook followers is to invite people who like your page. The» lowest fruit » here is to invite friends and family.

Once you start placing ads, Facebook will send you notifications asking you to invite people who like your page. I’ve found that usually if I run an interactive ad, I get more people that I can invite to like the page.

However, although I manually invited people, I ended up being temporarily blocked by Facebook. So you need to calculate the number of people you invite at the same time.

Also, if you are temporarily blocked, Facebook can still send notifications asking you to invite people. But, you can’t invite anyone. Wait a day or two before trying to invite more people.

You can also invite friends and relatives who like your page. However, keep in mind that it is better to have a small target audience than a large and wide one, as this may limit the effectiveness of your future ads.

Create viral content
Easier to explain with an example, Chubbies is an online store that creates viral-type content. They regularly create fun content using their products. In this video, they promote their shorts with a silly video about the problems that pants cause people.

Since the scenarios are quite dramatic, the result is fun content that helps increase the number of reposts on social networks. About 291 people liked the video, and 128 people shared it.

If you don’t have the creativity to create your own viral content, you can always share viral niche content with your audience. But, do not forget to always pay tribute to the creator.

Hold a raffle
Gifts are a great way to increase your Facebook likes. Facebook’s Facebook community groups or forums, gift-giving sites, and, of course, your Facebook page, share your giveaway.

By making «visiting a Facebook page» one of the ways to receive a gift, you are more likely to increase the number of your followers.

Below is an example of a gift that CatLadyBox shared on their Facebook page. They used emoticons to draw attention to the giveaway keyword.

Example of promoting a page on Facebook with gifts

As they shared on their page, their Facebook followers saw it. They can share the giveaway with their friends, which can also help increase the number of followers.

Once you’ve set it all up, don’t limit yourself. Tell us about it in all your social and marketing channels.

от Artur